Why is it taking so long?

The launch date is not final as we decided to take more time to improve our robotic folding technology. We are constantly in tune with our community to better understand their needs. This has helped us push ourselves to the limits of what’s possible, in order to better fulfill our vision and our customers’ dreams. Naturally, this was a difficult decision, as we realized that it would require delaying the planned release date. However, we believe that even our fans who have been waiting from day one will appreciate the faster and simpler technology we’ll be able to deliver as a result. We’d rather ask our fans to wait a little while longer for a superior product, than compromise on our vision for FoldiMate.

A household appliance that can seamlessly fold laundry has not been invented until FoldiMate. Its complexity can be compared to the sophistication of an advanced robot, rather than that of a home appliance. Two years from prototype to early shipments is very aspirational, so rest assured we’re doing our best to bring FoldiMate to your home as soon as we possibly can!

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  • 20-Dec-2018